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Color iQC

For Quality Control and Quality Assurance

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  • Delivers tight tolerances through connected solutions
  • Expands from controlling color quality to assuring quality
  • Monitors color from specification to material suppliers to manufacturing and assembly

Feature-Rich Quality Control Solution

Ensuring accurate, consistent color across a global supply chain can be challenging given the risk and cost of process and procedural errors. Remain confident that design intent will be carried through to the final product when using Color iQC software integrated within quality control processes.

Using X-Rite Color iQC for Tight Tolerances | X-Rite Color Software
Delivers tight tolerances through connected solutions

Color iQC is a configurable, job-based software system that allows users to work on a job using process and material templates that contain pre-defined standards, tolerances, and settings. With Color iQC, brands, suppliers, and manufacturers can define instrument calibration and measurement modes and ensure correct color measurement practices, regardless of location or software configuration.

Using X-Rite Color iQC to Assure Quality | X-Rite Color Software
Expands from controlling quality to assuring quality

Color iQC analyzes why color errors occur, identifies leading indicators to enable adjustments to the process and ensure final products meet color expectations. It also maintains a complete audit trail to improve communication across the supply chain so quality control professionals can focus less on controlling color quality and more on production speed and efficiency.

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Jobs can be configured with color data and criteria so each participant can see the same data in the same way, regardless of location.

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Templates can be defined for common processes or materials and include standards, tolerances, settings, and displays.

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Desktops can be created for specific user requirements and software levels, improving efficiency and making it easy to adapt to unique requirements.

Use Color iQC software throughout your supply chain.
Quality Control

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