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Tools for Accurate Color from Monitor to Proof to Print

For Pre-Media professionals, it is important to establish color print specifications, remove subjectivity throughout the file preparation and proofing process, as well as evaluate color objectively to ensure print quality regardless of process and substrate. 

It’s important to ensure design intent is realized each time and everywhere a product appears. Especially when over 65% of purchasing decisions involve color. At the most fundamental level, color connects with consumers’ emotions, creates strong emotional connections that builds greater brand equity, and increases brand recognition by 80%. Implementing the appropriate color management solutions help to streamline color input and output, verify accuracy of the proof, shorten approval cycles, and ultimately better manage brand and printer expectations.

Using X-Rite Pantone’s color measurement, management and control solutions, Pre-Media professionals can:

Graphics for Pre-Media:

Achieving color and design standards across suppliers, materials, and locations can be challenging. With the right solutions, you can eliminate variability and subjectivity of physical standards and accurately proof design intent for the printing process.

  • PantoneLIVE:

    Communicate with suppliers digitally, provide achievable standards, and implement a data-driven color and print quality program to achieve color consistency across suppliers, materials, and locations.
  • Judge QC:

    For optimal color results, proofs and print samples should be examined under the correct lighting conditions. Judge QC offers a variety of controlled lighting conditions that enable you to determine how your color will look in different lighting conditions.

Art Production for Pre-Media:

Managing brand and printer expectations from monitor, to proof, to print is a critical, yet challenging role that is played in pre-media. X-Rite has solutions to help optimize standards for specific substrates and processes within the art production process to help you evaluate color objectively and ensure the print quality regardless of process or substrate.

  • PantoneLIVE:

    With PantoneLIVE, you can connect partners to a secure, cloud-based repository of common Pantone color libraries and the corresponding dependent color standards based on common printing substrates. With these digital standard capabilities, you can ensure color and design consistency and shorten approval cycles and ensure accurate spot color proofs across suppliers, materials, and locations. 
  • i1Pro 3:

    To produce a successful and accurate proof, it’s imperative that it matches the standard and target. Leveraging the i1Pro 3 helps to identify and target what you need to calibrate and profile cameras, monitors, projectors, printers, and presses, helping to ensure any color input and output is in line with color expectations.

Quality Control for Pre-Media:

Quality control means being able to calibrate, profile, measure, and communicate color across digital and print conditions. Leveraging X-Rite solutions for your quality control needs ensures your job will have consistent color throughout the supply chain onsite and across the globe.

  • ColorCert Desktop Tools:

    When preparing files, it’s important to remove subjectivity. The comprehensive reporting capabilities of ColorCert enables the creation of color specifications, which can be communicated with the production floor, and provides a reporting scorecard to ensure color standardization and remove subjectivity in quality control.
  • i1 Family of Products:

    It’s important to ensure print quality regardless of process and substrate. Adding an i1 device to your process helps to calibrate and profile your monitors and projectors and a variety of substrates, to provide you full control over your color from design, to monitor, to print.

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