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Color Calibration & Profiling

For both amateurs and professionals – photographers, filmmakers, designers, premedia and printing operators – achieving predictable results from capture to output can be a challenge. Color Perfectionists turn to X-Rite for affordable, professional, quality calibrating and profiling solutions that make sure all of your devices – monitors, projectors, cameras, scanners, printers and mobile devices – are speaking the same language.
i1 Family

X-Rite’s broad range of professional i1 color management solutions enable workflows with the highest level of color accuracy in the industry. There’s an i1 solution for every color need.

ColorChecker Targets Family

X-Rite ColorChecker Targets are the reference standards that professional photographers and filmmakers around the world use to ensure predictable results under all lighting conditions.

ColorMunki Family

The ColorMunki family of products from X-Rite offers a fast, easy way to get to amazingly calibrated and profiled displays, cameras, projectors and printers for professional quality color.


ColorTRUE is a software solution that delivers unrivaled mobile on-screen color accuracy, ensuring that users see consistent color as they move from computer to tablet to smartphone.

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