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Color Measurement Product Categories

As the global leader in color trends, science and technology, we offer a full range of solutions that control color consistently and accurately from inspiration to final delivery. Whether you’re looking to specify, communicate, formulate, and measure color, we’ll help you get it right the first time, every time.

Offering the most consistent and precise sample measurement, benchtop spectrophotometers bring the full weight of X-Rite's color measurement expertise to color control processes.

X-Rite's portable handheld spectrophotometers come in multiple geometries to measure a variety of unique samples with consistency and accuracy. 

Capture appearance aspects like color, gloss, and shimmer and visualize digital materials in a physically precise way to streamline design and approval cycles for faster time to market.

Ensure you're capturing, viewing, and producing color accurately. X-Rite calibrating and profiling solutions span photo and videography equipment, monitors, scanners, printers, and more.

Our digital world makes it possible to work anywhere your inspiration takes you. X-Rite’s color matching apps help you capture, visualize, and bring your color to life on the go.

Colorimeters are commonly used to calibrate computer monitors. They can also capture color and do basic evaluation for applications that don’t require tight color control.

Visually evaluating CMYK quality can lead to trial & error and waste. Learn how a pressroom densitometer measures density for accurate and repeatable prints.

Digital color standards are the best way to select and communicate your color choices. Ensure consistency and accuracy from specification to final production…and products at shelf that appeal to your customers.

Powerful capability for color formulation, measurement, tracking, and reporting. Easily adaptable to your workflow, X-Rite software will streamline your process, giving you speed and consistency.

Inline solutions measure, monitor and correct color in real time, significantly reducing scrap and rework. Ideal for high-speed processes like paper, coil coating, glass, and textile, X-Rite solutions have a quick ROI. Get a quote!

Based on Macbeth technology, X-Rite offers industry-leading light booth solutions to replicate almost any lighting environment and fit the needs of most print and industrial applications.

Looking for a replacement part or simply something to enhance your device? Explore our catalog of parts and accessories.

X-Rite's color patch and test chart scanning instruments automate press-side color control to help printers and converters ensure accurate color. Browse our offerings.

Our certification programs and digital color services can help you prove your ability to achieve accurate color and remain competitive in your industry.

Find firmware and software downloads for our top 25 most searched for products.

With options such as seminars, classrooms, on-site trainings & eLearning modules, X-Rite training services help you make the most out of your color investment.

Vision testing tools will help ensure your visual assessment of color is the best it can be.

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