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Scanning Instruments

X-Rite scanning solutions automate press-side color control and are ideal for printers and converters who want to benefit from fast, accurate color. These systems not only remove the possibility of human error, they speed up make-ready and generate predictable and repeatable color results.

Scan the color bar on a typical press sheet in less than 10 seconds. IntelliTrax2 is the ideal color management solution for high-end, high-speed printing/converting operations.

eXact Scan / eXact Xp Scan

eXact Scan / eXact Xp Scan is a handheld spectrophotometer used for both spot measurement and scans to better understand, control, manage, and communicate color across the entire workflow, avoiding reprints and rework.

i1iSis 2 Family

The i1iSis 2 and i1iSis 2 XL automated chart readers are the ideal instruments to speed up and automate printer profile creation, now supporting M1 measurement standards.


EasyTrax is a semi-automated color scanning system for ensuring accurate color and standards compliance, including the ability to take a scan or spot measurement anywhere on the sheet.


X-Rite i1iO Automated Scanning Table enables hands-free test chart reading for automated color profiling on a variety of substrates with reduced risk of color measurement errors.


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