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Color Management Case Studies

One of the many benefits of working closely with our customers is that we have the opportunity to help implement unique and creative color workflows. We share this information with you in our case studies, so you can discover how others are managing their color, the feedback they’re receiving from their customers, and the impact to their financial success. Whether it’s a hot tip or a new way of doing business, start your search below to see what you can learn from companies like yours. 


Evaluating Special Effect Colors with a Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer

Advances in special effect technology are changing the way quality control managers evaluate and control color. Learn why a multi-angle spectrophotometer is the right tool for the job.


Clear packaging color expectations for Soap & Glory

Read how X-Rite digital color solutions enabled No7 Beauty Company to set clear color expectations for Soap & Glory packaging across the supply chain.


X-Rite ColorCert Helps Asda Improve Color and Consistency Quality Scores up to 200%

Learn how ColorCert has helped Asda and their preferred printers achieve significant time and cost savings and deliver brand presence and quality reassurance on the shelf.


Home Hardware Increases First Time Colour Matches by 80%

Port Stanley Home Hardware used to color match by eye. Since choosing i1 Paint to measure customer samples, paint counter associates are achieving faster, more accurate colour matches.


X-Rite Auto-Scan Helps Ciani Artigrafiche Reduce Make Ready by 50%

“Quality is not a goal but a standard.” – Marco Ciani, Owner Artigrafiche, after implementing X-Rite eXact Auto-Scan as part of a closed loop solution.


X-Rite Solutions Help Perfetti Van Melle Improve Color Deviation and Align Their Supply Chain

When it comes to color quality, Perfetti Van Melle turned to X-Rite to help them develop a print quality program to achieve brand consistency on shelves around the world.


Diamond Vogel Improves Color Match Accuracy by 65%

X-Rite MetaVue helps Diamond Vogel formulators spend less time training, more time formulating, and has already reduced waste by 35% in just 18 months.


X-Rite eXact Auto-Scan Helps J&R Graphics Work “Faster, Better, Cheaper, Period.”

J&R Graphic added the eXact Auto-Scan to their workflow and cut their make ready in half!

California Paints

MetaVue: An Investment with Fast ROI for California Paints

California Paints dramatically improves the process to color perfection with MetaVue, one of the best color measurement instruments they’ve ever seen.


Bottling Company Enhances Water Bottle Packaging with X-Rite-Driven Color and Print Quality Program

Read this case study to learn how this bottling company has significantly reduced the need for on-site press checks for its packaging, and all suppliers are now meeting or exceeding a ColorCert minimum score of 50.

Pilot Marketing Group and eXact Scan

Pilot Marketing Group and eXact Scan

Learn how the Pilot Marketing Group achieved: delivery of accurate and consistent data and consistency of 0.2 ∆E measuring the same target 50 times.


Manufacture d’Histoires des Deux-Ponts

French printer Manufacture d’Histoires des Deux-Ponts adopts closed-loop color control to optimize its offset press.

UNIMAC Ups its Color Game with X-Rite Technology and Services

UNIMAC Improves Color

UNIMAC improves its level of quality and consistency, and reduces the overall amount of waste in time and materials to meet internal and customer expectations.


T&N Printing Takes All the Guesswork Out of Color

Read this case study to learn how T&N Printing, a reputable offset printer, has reduced make-ready by 66% by presetting ink keys using IntelliTrax and Rutherford closed-loop system


Home Hardware Reimagined Paint Color Matching with MetaVue™

Learn how a Home Hardware store used MetaVue to measure the most difficult paint matching samples with 50% more accuracy and ease of use than other models.


True Value Enhances Paint Department with MetaVue™

Learn how True Value used MetaVue, a non-contact imaging spectrophotometer, to reduce mis-tints and increase the confidence of paint counter associates for accurately matching paint.


Global Beverage Company Regains Control of Their Brand Colors

Adding ColorCert, Extended Color Gamut printing and eXact spectrophotometers to their Color and Print Quality Program enabled this company to finally achieve accurate colors on packaging.


Stayton Ace Hardware Drives Customer Satisfaction with MetaVue™

Learn how MetaVue has helped the paint counter at the Stayton Ace Hardware store make their customer desires a reality, resulting in increased paint revenue and reduced costs due to mistints.

4Life Research

4Life Research

Download our case study to find out how 4Life, through the use of the X-Rite RM200QC was able to improve the overall quality and appearance of 4Life products and reduce customer rejections.

MIPA SE Raises Quality-Bar in Auto Refinishing

MIPA SE Raises Quality-Bar in Auto Refinishing

Car refinishers face customers that demand perfection, but perfection is hard to achieve when each vehicle can have a number of different color codes.


Nail Polish Color As You Imagined It!

Inkk offers a unique service that allows creation of custom nail polish colors to match a color found in a dress, a car or any other inspirational item based on a submitted image.

Barry Harris Studio and Pazazz Printing

Photography and Print - Teaming for Perfect Color

Providing printed materials for exacting retail clients and brand owners requires end-to-end color management.

Plastic Resins

Plastic Resins Case Study

X-Rite solutions were a critical element that enabled Plastic Resins to efficiently start up operations.

X-Rite IntelliTrax Helps Scottish Book Printer

Promis becomes a Pantone Certified Printer Company

Promis JSC is the first Russian and European folding carton packaging printer to be UGRA PSO (Process Standard Offset) Certified and a Pantone Certified Printer Company, enhancing its international recognition in the printing market.

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