Ensure Product Quality with Color Measurement Solutions for Industrial Paint & Coatings

Industrial paint and coatings come in a variety of colors, textures, and effects to enhance the look. 

Our products manage color for:

For industrial paint and coatings, color impacts more than just aesthetics. X-Rite’s color measurement solutions can help you achieve accurate and consistent color, time after time.

Customizable solutions from X-Rite provide industrial paint and coatings manufacturers the ability to:


Quality Control for Industrial Paints & Coatings:

A dependable quality control program streamlines approval processes and reduces color inconsistencies. X-Rite’s quality control solutions are the tools you need to communicate, control, and evaluate color.

Formulation for Industrial Paint & Coatings:

Reacting quickly to trends with new color palettes requires a dependable formulation program. X-Rite’s color formulation solutions reduce the steps to an acceptable color match, manage recipes and specifications, and provide consistent color reproduction.

Inline Color Measurement for Coil Coatings:

Maintaining on-spec color throughout production requires an inline closed-loop color control solution that monitors color and gloss on the production line and through final QC. X-Rite’s comprehensive solution ensures faster start-up with streamlined production and provides the data necessary to track production quality and results.

  • ERX145 Spectrophotometer: Used in the lab to measure standards and mounted on a traversing beam on the production line to measure color across the entire width of the coil and identify color variances early and reduce wasted product.

  • GlossFlash 6060 Inline Gloss Meter: Mounted alongside the ERX145 on the line to verify gloss values remain consistent with customer specifications throughout production.

  • ESWin Closed Loop Color Control Software: Easily control measurement devices and monitor color and gloss throughout production to keep color in tolerance and identify areas for improvement.

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