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Solutions Designed for Color Control

Unique and innovative cars redefine the way consumers think about their automobiles. Merging high-tech features, design, comfort, and functionality into an aesthetic vehicle provides a relaxing place for consumers. However, combining different textures and materials like plastics, metals, and leathers both inside and out requires a reliable color measurement system to deliver true color fidelity.

Precise color measurement tools that can characterize color and appearance attributes on a variety of textures can ensure color is exactly how it was intended to be at the time of final assembly. X-Rite’s color control for automotive manufacturers connects color accurately throughout the entire process while reducing product scrap, production downtime and rework, and simplifying the color management process through a global supply chain.

Customizable solutions from X-Rite enable automotive manufacturers to:

Exterior Quality Control for Car Manufacturers:

A dependable quality control program streamlines approval processes and reduces color inconsistencies across exterior car parts. With the right tools, automotive manufacturers can communicate, control, and evaluate color on incoming parts from multiple suppliers and plants to ensure final assembled color matches from the bumper to the fuel gas door to the side mirrors.

  • MA-5 QC: Measure effect finishes at final assembly with this compact and lightweight spectrophotometer to ensure color harmony on all parts.
  • CarFlash: Ensure integrity of color quality throughout the automobile production process with a fully automated system designed to integrate inline into robotics systems.
  • Harmony Room: Customize a fit-and-finish room to provide best-in-class daylight simulation viewing conditions for cars.

Interior Quality Control for Car Manufacturers:

Ensuring color harmony across interior parts is one of the most challenging things for automotive manufacturers. Measuring and monitoring color from the lab through the production line is key to ensuring stable and accurate color, minimizing cost and waste that can result in thousands of dollars in financial loss. X-Rite solutions provides operators the tools they need to avoid these costly line errors and rework, and ensure color harmony across interior materials and parts.

  • Ci64: Versatile sphere spectrophotometer designed to measure smooth and textured surfaces, like interior car seats and trim, with greater accuracy and color control.
  • ERX31 45/0 Benchtop Spectrophotometer: Ideal for applications where extreme precision and high-resolution color measurement are needed. Our compact 45/0 benchtop spectrophotometer makes measuring large samples a breeze. This includes the ability to measure everything from buttons to panels on leather, plastic foils, metal, textiles, carpet and more.
  • ESWIN Quality Control Software: When combined with the ERX31 benchtop spectrophotometer, the ES Win Quality Control software ensures optimum color quality across the entire manufacturing process from the laboratory through quality assurance.

Formulation for Car Manufacturers:

Reacting quickly to consumer needs and creating new color palettes requires a dependable formulation program. X-Rite’s color formulation solutions help reduce the steps to an acceptable color match, manage colorant recipes and specifications, provide consistent color reproduction, and reduce overall waste and rework.

  • Ci7800: Deliver seamless communication and coordination of color-critical values and specifications with part suppliers to ensure the color integrity of trim, door handles, hood, and more.
  • Color iMatch: Provide optimal initial color matches, reduce wasteful formulation attempts, and eliminate mismatched car parts with this intuitive, job-oriented color formula management and quality control solution.

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