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Ci6x Family

The Ci6x family of portable sphere spectrophotometers reduce rejection rates and scrap and improve time to market and profitability. With a variety of configurations and price points, the Ci6x family offers solutions for organizations of all types and sizes.


eXact Family

The eXact family is the industry benchmark for measuring color in print and packaging. With new and updated easy-to-use features, users will be able to access the color data they need – quickly and easily.


Ci7x00 Family

Offering the most consistent and precise sample measurement, benchtop spectrophotometers bring the full weight of X-Rite's color measurement expertise to color control processes.



Learn how the IntelliTrax2 will deliver improved press color control and faster make-ready times, while reducing material waste on sheet-fed commercial or folding carton printing.

PantoneLIVE Family

PantoneLIVE Family

Discover a new world where colors are digitally defined, making the struggle to make color consistent across multiple surfaces, production processes, technologies, skill sets, and geographies a thing of the past.


MA-T Family

The MA-T family sets a new industry standard for measurement of effect finishes, capturing color, sparkle and coarseness with greater repeatability, reproducibility, and ease of use than ever before.

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Not sure where to start your color improvement efforts? Looking to stay current with industry trends? Simply need to improve your technical skills? Browse our webinar library, and improve your color knowledge in just 30 – 60 minutes.


Color Management Learning Resources

Ensuring consistent color through your workflow can be a challenge. Learn how to measure, manage, communicate, and report on color with A Guide to Understanding Color.

Looking for great tips to be more successful from ink room to pressroom? This 30-minute webinar will show you how.

Learn how to implement a formulation and quality control process into your workflow and ensure color consistency through production.

Fundamentals Series Fundamentals Series Fundamentals Series Fundamentals Series

An Interactive Two-Day Color and Appearance Seminar

Grow your knowledge in color and appearance with a full day of color theory and appearance science, followed by a day long, hands-on workshop with X-Rite instrumentation and software.

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