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With X-Rite’s comprehensive portfolio of densitometers, we can meet your company’s unique needs to ensure quality results every time. From handheld to tabletop, from quality control in pressroom to accurate measurements of x-rays, the X-Rite family of densitometers is the leader in providing the broadest range of accurate color and density measurement instruments in the market.

eXact Densitometer


As part of the larger eXact family of products, the eXact Densitometer is the ideal choice for those who print CMYK in the pressroom and verify all aspects of density.

DensiEye 100

For extremely fast densitometric readings with an advanced user interface, the DensiEye is the ideal choice for the pressroom using process color printing.


The 361T Tabletop Transmission Densitometer from X-Rite is ideal for linearizing imagesetters, adjust exposure and performing processor quality control in film processing.

331C Transmission Densitometer

The X-Rite 331C Portable Transmission Densitometer is a high quality portable densitometer for use with black & white x-ray film that can go wherever you go.


The 341C Portable Transmission Densitometer is a completely self-contained, compact and economical handheld instrument capable of measuring densities greater than 5.0D.

301 Transmission Densitometer

The X-Rite 301 Densitometer provides highly repeatable and accurate measurements of black and white x-ray film densities.


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