Bringing Color into Focus

The automotive industry is undergoing disruption as many face a severe financial crunch. Embracing emerging mobility options like autonomous vehicles, micro-mobility, and electric mobility along with cutting-edge designs and paint and coatings trends will help the industry become stable again. To transform these difficult times into opportunity and success, automotive manufacturers need the right tools to achieve efficient manufacturing across a global supply chain.

Color and appearance play a leading role in vehicle preference, making color measurement an integral part to the auto making process. Achieving the complex effect automotive finishes and intricate designs that customers demand requires state-of-the-art color measurement tools. X-Rite’s portfolio of innovative solutions work together to control all aspects of color and appearance from the lab to the supplier to the paint shop to the assembly line.

 To deliver precise and repeatable color, X-Rite’s automotive color measurement tools can:

With over 60 years of innovation and proven expertise in color control, X-Rite solutions help ensure color harmony on all aspects of a transportation vehicle, from the bumper to the fuel cover to the door handles and seats.

Our Coverage for Automotive

Automotive Manufacturers

Delivering cutting-edge automotive interiors and exteriors while merging design, comfort, and functionality can be a major challenge. With the right color measurement solutions, automotive manufacturers can achieve color, exactly how it was intended, time after time.

Automotive Designers

Whether designing a body panel, an accessory, or a new coating system, color development is an important part of the process. Colorimetric measurement provides necessary consistency from initial design through prototyping to finished product.

Automotive Part Suppliers

Color compatibility and acceptability between automotive parts is essential at final assembly. A precise color program that defines, communicates, and audits color is critical to ensuring color harmony and reducing rejections.

Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers

Accurate color is just as important for bicycles, trains, airplanes, and buses as it is for trucks and cars. As consumers look for trending effects like metallic and pearlescents, commercial vehicle manufacturers need the right tools to measure and control color and appearance throughout production.

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