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X-Rite Parts & Accessories

Looking for a replacement part or simply something to enhance your device? Explore our catalog of parts and accessories.
Orange Juice Test Tube Holder

Orange Juice Test Tube Holder Assembly

The Orange Juice Test Tube Holder works with the Ci7600 to enable measurement of opaque liquid samples.

Cup Cylinder

Cup and Cylinder Fixture

The Cup and Cylinder Fixture works with X‑Rite's Ci60 Series and eXact Families of spectrophotometers to capture accurate and consistent color readings on cups and cylindrical-shaped samples.

Dust Filter Kit

Ci7000 Filter Kit

The Filter Kit for the Ci7000 series of benchtop spectrophotometers prevents dust and other airborne contamination from negatively impacting the optical performance, resulting in error codes or other malfunctions.


Adjustable Stand

The Adjustable Stand for the MetaVue VS3200 non-contact imaging spectrophotometer enables accurate measurement of samples with varying thickness.

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Benchtop Stand

The Benchtop Stand for the MetaVue VS3200 non-contact imaging spectrophotometer converts the instrument to a benchtop spectrophotometer with a sample arm.


Instrument Stand

The Instrument Stand for the MetaVue VS3200 non-contact spectrophotometer enables measurement of samples such as liquids, pastes, powders and gels without contaminating the instrument.

5 Step Certified Calibration Wedge

5-Step Certified Calibration Wedge

Certified 5-Step Transmission Step Wedge.


Aperture Kit for 500 Series Instruments

Apertures Kit for 500-Series, Includes 2.0, 3.4 and 6.0 mm apertures, target windows and extraction tool. Spectrodensitometers excluding those equipped with microspot "P" option 1.6mm aperture.

960 962 964 939 Battery Charger Kit

Battery Charger Kit for 960, 962, 964, 939

Battery Charger Kit, includes Stand, Battery & AC adaptor - Graphite Color - for 962, 964, 939

Battery Pack for Sphere MAs

Battery pack for old style spheres and MA's

Replacement battery pack for use with SP68, SP78, SP88, SP98, and all instruments in the MA series. Note: cannot be used with the new SP60, SP62, or SP64. For these units select part number SP62-79-23.

Battery Pack for SP60 Series

Battery Pack for SP60 Series Spectrophotometers

Ni-Metal Hydride Battery Pack for use with SP60, SP62, SP64. Note that this accessory will not fit the older SP series. For the older units select part number MA58-05.

Calibration Reference for 361T

Calibration Reference for the 361T

Calibration reference for the tabletop transmission densitometer, model 361T.


Lamp Assembly - Instrument Series' 390, 880, 890

Lamp assembly for models 880, 890 and 390 Series. It is also used on the DTP32 & DTP36 units.


Lamp Assembly - Model 301

Pre-focused Lamp Assembly for Model 301.

310-60 Lamp Assembly

Lamp Assembly - Models 310T, 361T, 369

Lamp assembly for models 310T, 361T & 369.

Light Table Window

Light Table Window

Fits 301, 301/RS, 301JP, 301JP/RS.


Line Cord

120V Line Cord for AC Adapters

Serial Cable for X-Rite

Serial Cable for X-Rite Portable Instruments

Serial Cable for 500 Series and 938, 939 and SP Series instruments. Interfaces to most windows based computers with DB9 serial connector. Ten-foot cable: DB9s (female) to 10c/RJ45 (male) 

Set of 1mm 2mm and 3mm apertures

Set of 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm Apertures

Set of 1, 2, and 3mm apertures used on models 361T, 310, 331, 309, 369 & 341. Also 301 units with serial number 5480 and higher.

301 100 Switch Cap Replacement

Switch Cap Replacement Kit

Read switch cap replacement kit for the 301


Switching 12 VDC Power Supply

Requires line cord (PN SD33-07) for US-style socket. Sold separately.

Learn about our spectrophotometer parts and accessories - also called "rigs & jigs" - to measure odd shaped and hard-to-hold samples.

Learn how X-Rite's Cup and Cylinder Fixture and an eXact Advanced or Ci64 spectrophotometer measure cylindrical-shaped samples at the correct height and angle.

Learn how the X-Rite Payment Card Holder along with an eXact or Ci64 spectrophotometer can help printers monitor color and appearance on payment and loyalty cards.

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