Apache Log4j2 Response Click Here for Details

Cannot Locate the Connected Measurement Device

InkFormulation (ColorQuality) can not locate the connected measurement device (i.e. SpectroEye, Spectrolino). The search window is displayed, but the software continues the search without locating any device.
Make sure that the device is connected to the proper COM port. Check that no other software application on your PC uses the same port.

It is also possible that some programs in the background are using this port (i.e. Hot sync, Palm synchronizer, Psion…). In this case you have to shut down these programs.

If it’s still not working, install the newest version of SpectroServer software from our web site. You will find it on the “GretagMacbeth Software Solutions CD” or on our website..

http://www.xrite.com/corporatehome.aspx (then click on the GretagMacbeth Support and Training option).

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