Industry-Leading Solutions to Define and Guarantee Repeatable Color

Whether producing small appliances, power tools or home furnishings, color builds brand integrity and ultimately drives customer sales. Ensuring color and appearance consistency across parts, products, and packaging, that encompass different materials like plastic, metal, or kraft board, is a challenge most durable companies face today. X-Rite offers the expertise and technology to help durable goods manufacturers design, specify, produce and control that color so the color the designer envisions is the color customers see in store, every time.

Learn how to measure complex colors found in durable goods.


Color Measurement Solutions for Durable Goods

With Color iQC software, specifiers and suppliers achieve consistent color throughout the entire supply chain in a variety of industrial, print, and packaging workflows.

The Ci7860 benchtop spectrophotometer creates the industry’s most accurate digital color standards to better communicate color specifications to suppliers across the entire supply chain.

PantoneLIVE is a suite of products, licenses and services enabling secure access to a database of spectrally defined Pantone® and brand spot color standards via a partner ecosystem.

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