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Industry Solutions for Color Management

With nearly 60 years of innovation in color communication and control, we understand that the color requirements of each industry and each business are unique. The nature of your raw materials, production process, and final product, along with the stringency of your customers' tolerances for color all shape your ideal solution. Customized to your business and workflow, our industry-specific solutions provide guidance on which spectrophotometers, densitometers, scanning solutions, or software will fit your business need.

Ensure the car in the showroom matches the concept with solutions for consistent, accurate color and appearance for both automotive interior and exterior.

Because consumer electronic brands are often recognized by color, suppliers and producers alike need to ensure the production of accurate and consistent color.

Meet the strictest color tolerances for long-lasting products.

From flooring to vinyl, glass to carpet, and tile to stucco, X-Rite offers industry-leading color measurement solutions for a variety of building material applications.

X-Rite’s solutions for paint color measurement ensure that the color found in decorative paints and protective end-use coatings are right the first time.

X-Rite solutions for plastics formulation and molding will ensure you satisfy these needs, accelerate your time to market, and reduce costly waste and rework.

End-to-end solutions to specify, communicate, produce, and monitor consistent and predictable color.

Keeping up with fast fashion is no small feat. New colors and materials are introduced at an ever-increasing pace. X-Rite color solutions for textiles will streamline your design and production processes to put you ahead of the curve.

Ensure that the final product matches your design intent with solutions that make color selection and communication quick and easy.

X-Rite paper solutions monitor and control color in real-time, so you can catch and correct color shifts before your final product is out of spec.

Impress your customers with a fast, accurate paint formulation, no matter what type of sample they bring in to custom color match.

Reduce time and consumables and achieve accurate and consistent color in your photo workflow with X-Rite’s solutions for professional and enthusiast photographers.

Essential additions to every gear bag, X-Rite’s video tools will help you speed up your workflow to achieve an ideal color balance so you can get to your creative look faster.

X-Rite’s color control solutions can be customized to fit just about any workflow and any industry where consistent, predictable color is important.

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