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Evaluate Color with X-Rite Light Booths

Color looks different when lighting changes, which is why controlled lighting is essential for color evaluation. By implementing proper illumination and best practices for visual evaluation, you can reduce waste, rejects and rework and achieve an advantage over competitors. 

Based on Macbeth technology, X-Rite offers industry-leading light booth solutions to replicate almost any lighting environment and fit the needs of most print and industrial applications. Browse our offerings below, or get in touch for personalized assistance.


SpectraLight QC

For the Most Critical Visual Assessment

With 7 light sources including dimmable filtered-tungsten halogen daylight (class A) and optional LED, this top-of-the line lightbooth provides the most accurate daylight simulation available for optimum visual assessment.


Judge QC

For Entry Level Visual Assessment

With 5 light sources including class B daylight and optional LED, this compact, entry level light booth is an economical way to visually evaluate the color of smaller samples under controlled lighting.

Pantone 3 Light Booth

PANTONE 3 Light Booth

The Pantone 3 light booth is a compact and durable light booth with stylish design yet an entry level price that's great for an office or manufacturing environment.

Harmony Room

Harmony Room

Harmony Rooms are customized fit-and-finish rooms that provide best-in-class daylight simulation viewing conditions for large assembled items such as automobiles, furnishings, and carpets.

Why Do I Need a Lightbooth?

X-Rite light booths enable critical color choices and reliable color assessment to avoid unnecessary revisions. Using a light booth to visually evaluate items and parts – next to each other and under different light sources – can help identify product defects, color inconsistencies, metameric effects (an optical phenomenon in which a pair of samples appears to match under one light source but not under another) and the impact of optical brightener agents (OBAs).

X-Rite light booths can replicate many lighting environments, including daylight (D50, D65) incandescent tungsten, warm-white fluorescent, and LED bulbs to verify products will look right in retail stores and after they arrive in the consumer’s yard, home, or office. They can help you adhere to visual assessment requirements in accordance with major international standards, including ASTM, DIN, ANSI, BSI, TAPPI, and ISO.

Which Light Booth is Best for Color Evaluation?

Premium Light Booth

SpectraLight QC offers seven light sources, including the best quality daylight available. It includes filtered tungsten halogen (D50 or D65), Cool White Fluorescent, Incandescent “A” & 2300K/Horizon, UVA, two more fluorescent types (choice of U30, U35, TL83, and TL84), and choice of 2 LED light sources (L940 or L950). This premium booth also offers instant power-up and an indicator light to ensure operators of optimum stability.

Economical Light Booth to Deploy Across Supply Chains

The durable Judge QC light booth offers five light sources, including 2 Class B daylight options (D50 or D65), Cool White Fluorescent, Incandescent A, Ultraviolet, one of TL84 or U30, and the option of Cool White Fluorescent or an LED light source (L940 or L950) to evaluate color with confidence.

Compact, Entry Level Lightbooth

The Pantone 3 light booth is an easy-to-use light booth with three light sources. Built using metal construction with a powder-coated surface, Pantone 3 is durable yet stylish to fit equally well in both office and manufacturing environments.

Visual Assessment Tools

Another important consideration for visual evaluation is evaluator acuity. The Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test is an easy-to-administer test and a highly effective method for evaluating an individual's ability to discern color.

Learn More about Light Booths and Visual Evaluation

To learn more, get in touch to speak with a Lighting Expert about your visual evaluation needs or browse these valuable resources:

Lighting plays a huge role in how we perceive color. These resources can help you get started with a light booth and implement visual evaluation best practices.

This whitepaper explains why standardized lighting is important for visual color evaluation, the primary sources used in a light booth, and how to set up a successful program.

By implementing proper illumination and procedures for visual evaluation according to best practices, companies can achieve an advantage over competitors, while also reducing waste, rejects and rework.

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