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Light Booths

Providing consistent and controlled lighting conditions for effective visual evaluation, light booths are a key component of an effective color control solution. X-Rite's industry-leading solutions duplicate almost any lighting environment and are customizable to fit the needs of every job and production process. 
SpectraLight QC

The SpectraLight QC is the light booth of choice for color-critical visual assessment of large and small items under daylight and other lighting conditions; includes 7 light sources.

Judge QC

This affordable, durable light booth has 5 light sources for accurate evaluation of color under controlled lighting conditions for print, packaging and industrial applications.

Starting at $2,095

The Pantone 3 light booth is a compact and durable light booth with stylish design yet an entry level price that's great for an office or manufacturing environment.

Starting at $1,495
Harmony Room

Harmony Rooms are customized fit-and-finish rooms that provide best-in-class daylight simulation viewing conditions for large assembled items such as automobiles, furnishings, and carpets.

Virtual Light Booth

The Virtual Light Booth provides an unparalleled ability to accurately compare physical and digital material samples, streamlining the design approval process and accelerating time to market.

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