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Benchtop Spectrophotometers

From color formulation to quality control, benchtop spectrophotometers are the preferred choice for color professionals with the strictest tolerances for color accuracy. Offering precision and consistency, these instruments will help you achieve improved batch-to-batch color accuracy, less rework and waste, and faster time to market. 

MetaVue™, a breakthrough non-contact imaging spectrophotometer for retail paint matching, introduces a new level of accuracy to a wider variety of customer samples.

Ci7x00 Family

The Ci7x00 family of benchtop sphere spectrophotometers sets a new standard for measuring, managing and communicating color with unprecedented audit trails and repeatable performance.


The Ci4200 is an easy-to-use compact benchtop sphere spectrophotometer that, combined with Color QC and Formulation software, supports an evolving color management program.


The VS450 is a unique, non-contact color measurement instrument for measuring color accuracy of a variety of wet and dry samples including cosmetics, paints, plastics, powders and food.


The Ci4100 is an affordable compact benchtop sphere spectrophotometer specifically designed for versatility ease of use by counter personnel for retail paint matching.

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