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Color Matching Tools for Fast Retail Paint Formulation

In the retail paint industry, long-term success is determined by the accuracy of color matches and speed of formulation to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction. An accurate paint color match is the fundamental selling point for the retail paint industry and keeps customers coming time after time. To bring in repeat business, the color must be right the first time. From cabinet doors to fuzzy pillows, precise paint color matching equals happy customers.

X-Rite’s color matching solutions for the retail paint market make life easier for independent paint and hardware stores, mass merchants, and home improvement stores. These easy-to-use color measurement and retail merchandising solutions help retail paint associates produce a customer’s vision time after time with the perfect paint color by ensuring accurate color matches and eliminating selection and formulation problems.

X-Rite’s coverage for retail paint matching tools help to: 

Color Matching for Paint Retailers:

For retail paint associates, it is important to get each customer’s paint color right the first time. Color measurement instrumentation that you can trust will help set your paint counter apart from the competition and keep customers returning for more paint.

  • MetaVue™:

    Easily handle the widest array of samples, including small, large, multi-colored, and odd-shaped, with breakthrough versatility and accuracy.
  • ColorDesigner PLUS:

    Customer-and retailer-friendly, this color matching software expedites and refines the paint selection process, eliminating wasted effort and needless formulation errors.
  • W Series:

    Meet the needs of retail paint operations of all sizes with customized product bundles that include both software and color measurement instrumentation.

Color Search for Paint Retailers:

Quickly measuring a sample and finding a corresponding color formula is important to confirm and validate known paint recipes. Simple color measurement tools are needed to enable fast searches across known paint libraries to validate an end customer’s paint color selection.

  • i1 Paint:

    A cost-effective and easy-to-use handheld spectrophotometer that enables paint retailers to match common samples, including fan deck cards and painted items.

    A pocket-sized color identification tool that can measure color on an inspiration item and identify the closest color match in related color libraries.
  • Color-Eye:

    A color calibration card that enables customers to measure the color of any item at home and find complementary products and paint colors.

Featured Resources

Port Stanley Home Hardware used to color match by eye. Since choosing i1 Paint to measure customer samples, paint counter associates are achieving faster, more accurate colour matches.

To meet customer expectations at the paint counter, it is important to get color right every time. Measure & Match creates a formula to produce an exact paint color match to inspiration items

California Paints dramatically improves the process to color perfection with MetaVue, one of the best color measurement instruments they’ve ever seen.

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