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Delivering Cosmetic Color and Special Effects

Cosmetics like lipstick and nail polish use strong colors, shimmer, brilliance, and reflectance to enhance consumer features. Consumers seek rich, eye-catching color, which can be difficult to communicate, measure, and manage throughout production. X-Rite offers the technologies and expertise to take full advantage of market opportunities and expand your color palette.

Consumer preference and product development create both challenges and opportunities in the cosmetic global market. Whether you create a solid lipstick with a strong color or a nail polish with interference pigments, we offer the tools you need to maintain consistent color in your existing collections and quickly execute on current trends.

X-Rite enables cosmetic manufacturers the tools to:

Quality Control of Lipstick and Nail Polish::

A reliable, easy-to-use quality control program for lipstick and nail polish ensures samples can be properly evaluated and controlled. X-Rite cosmetic color measurement tools capture precise color measurements, even for interference pigments, to consistently measure against a standard and provide a quality audit trail.

Formulation of Lipstick and Nail Polish:

Reduce the number of iterations to achieve a color match and deliver accurate colorant formulations. X-Rite’s color formulation solutions for lipstick and nail polish achieve the tightest tolerances and process cosmetic color data for optimal initial color matches.

Featured Resources

Download this whitepaper to learn which type of spectrophotometer is best for you based on the surface you are measuring.

Whether you manufacture cream, liquid or powder cosmetics, join X-Rite and Pantone to learn how to control cosmetic color from design to print to shelf.

A color tolerance can ensure consistency and minimize variability. This whitepaper offers tips to select the right color tolerancing method and set a realistic color tolerance.

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