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X-Rite will design and implement a program at your location that meets your specific business objectives.

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Color errors can cause significant issues – from excessive waste and rework to customer dissatisfaction. If your organization experiences color issues that cause negative effects on the bottom line, or would simply like to update one or more aspects of your team’s color knowledge, an X-Rite customized onsite training experience is the answer.

Customized onsite training is highly beneficial regardless of where you are in the color expertise continuum. An X-Rite Color Expert works side-by-side with you in educating your team while optimizing applications, instrumentation, and software throughout your workflow.



  • Hands-on training delivered onsite using your own equipment.
  • Training can encompass a specific area or address the entire color workflow.
  • Participants will conclude the training with actionable ideas that will reduce costs, improving quality and throughput.
  • From your color novices through your color experts, X-Rite Color Experts will bring valuable knowledge that will enable faster troubleshooting and fewer color issues.
  • X-Rite Customized Onsite Training is designed to meet each operation’s specific needs and requirements.


Onsite training is available for all workflow aspects, including color theory, individual color vision assessment, hardware and software usage, and color control for specific processes. Our trainers are experienced in a number of industries and products; we will find a Color Expert to match your specific needs.

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