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The Color of Success

According to Statista, by 2027, the paints and coatings industry is expected to be valued at approximately $232 billion dollars globally. This is mainly driven by increasing demand in the construction industry, as well as the automotive, general industrial, and architectural coatings markets. Color is an essential component for the paints and coatings industry. Innovative trends and a demand for new colors have created the need for lasting and memorable paints that go beyond just color. 

If color is off, paints and coatings manufacturers are left with expensive waste and unhappy customers. How can manufacturers deliver precise and repeatable complex color in fewer hits? X-Rite’s paints and coatings color measurement solutions help to improve efficiencies, reduce the average number of hits, and ensure color harmony amongst a global supply chain. 

To deliver precise and repeatable color, X-Rite’s solutions for paint and coatings color measurement can:

With over 60 years of proven innovation and expertise in color control, X-Rite solutions help paints and coatings manufacturers across the globe enhance their color processes.

Our Coverage for Paints & Coatings Manufacturers

Industrial Paints & Coatings

Industrial coatings come in a variety of textures and consistencies to preserve the product and enhance the look. Since color impacts more than just aesthetics, color measurement instrumentation must guarantee accurate and consistent color.

Architectural Paints & Coatings

Architectural and decorative coatings provide numerous benefits to buildings by protecting the structure and creating a memorable impression. The aesthetic success is a result of color accurate paints driven by reliable color measurement solutions.

Automotive Paints & Coatings

Highly innovative trends and demand for new developments have driven a need for special effect coatings. Precise color measurement tools ensure expensive coatings are right the first time and consistent from hood to bumper.

Color Matching for Retail Paint

X-Rite’s innovative color matching solutions for retail point of sale measure unique customer samples to formulate accurate paint color correctly the first time.


Driving Innovation Through Coatings Color Measurement

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