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To ensure production stays in tolerance, you need the right solution to evaluate color on difficult-to-measure surfaces. Traditional devices are mostly suited for flat or semi-flat samples that are large enough to accommodate the aperture. 

Evaluate Color on Small and Odd-Shaped Samples

During this webinar, you will learn how the MetaVue VS3200 spectrophotometer along with Color iQC software can take precise, non-contact measurements on almost any sample for less waste and fast approvals.

Watch this free webinar to learn:

  • How to present a small or odd-shaped sample to the MetaVue VS3200 using the adjustable stand.
  • How to target and capture a precise measurement spot using the MetaVue VS3200’s Smart Spot and targeting features.
  • How to determine whether a measurement is in tolerance using Color iQC. 
  • How to store image samples for future retrieval and save measurements for an audit trail.

Products Referenced in this Webinar

X-Rite MetaVue VS3200; Non-contact and liquid color measurement

MetaVue™ VS3200

For QC & Formulation Measurement

Color iQC for Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Color iQC

For Quality Control and Quality Assurance

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