According to an article in Printing Impressions, the movement of commercial printers into the packaging space is accelerating. Not all printers are destined to become package printers, but the attraction of packaging is difficult to resist. In fact, nearly three-quarters – 72% – of printers who responded to a NAPCO Research report have reported double-digit sales growth and a moderate to high demand for packaging.

With additional market drivers such as new technologies, lean manufacturing, sustainability, targeted marketing, and variable data printing, the industry needs to shift to meet demands. Packaging printers need fully integrated solutions that help manage workflow and improve productivity from conception to formulation to production to final product.

X-Rite Pantone end-to-end customizable solutions:

As a trusted partner, X-Rite analyzes workflows to identify areas of sophistication and recommends scaled solutions that cater to specific needs and growth opportunities to help commercial printers achieve timely and consistent color – across every substrate and every job – every time.

Ensuring the colors you choose can be achieved consistently in final production is critical. X-Rite Pantone offers end-to-end solutions to specify, communicate, produce, and monitor consistent and predictable color throughout your workflow.

Our customizable blend of tools include color standards, software, and instrumentation to streamline workflows and produce timely and consistent color across each substrate and every job.

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