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Color Management Whitepapers

Just having the right tools isn’t enough. To successfully implement color management, you need to know how to use them, and our easy-to-read whitepapers can help. From general color topics to technical tips for specific devices and workflows, each whitepaper is written by a color industry expert to help you understand how to successfully implement color management into your workflow. Start your search below.
Why Use Daylight in Your Light Booth

There are many different sources of light. Why should you use daylight in a light booth? Read this white paper to learn everything you need to know about this important light source.

Hybrid Production in the Print Industry

Over the past five years, the printing industry has evolved faster than at any time since Johannes Gutenberg invented movable type. Download this free white paper to learn how to keep up with these changes.

Understanding Color Perception

Color visual evaluation plays an important role in most industries and for all products.

Choosing the Right Tool for Color Quality on any Surface

This white paper discusses techniques and tools for measuring color on specialized surfaces and compares the effectiveness of sphere versus 45°/0° versus multi-angle (MA) spectrophotometers for these purposes.

Tolerancing, the Key to Accurate Color

Tolerances are used to control color, ensure consistency, and minimize variability. The tips found in this whitepaper can help you select and use the right tolerancing method for your application.

Six Keys to Color Success in Wide Format Printing

How do providers of wide format signs & display graphics ensure they meet customer color expectations regardless of the substrate, printing technology or ink systems being used? Download our whitepaper to find out.

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