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Color Management Whitepapers

Just having the right tools isn’t enough. To successfully implement color management, you need to know how to use them, and our easy-to-read whitepapers can help. From general color topics to technical tips for specific devices and workflows, each whitepaper is written by a color industry expert to help you understand how to successfully implement color management into your workflow. Start your search below.
Exact Color Match

Increase Decorative Paint Sales with Exact Color Match

To meet customer expectations at the paint counter, it is important to get color right every time. Measure & Match creates a formula to produce an exact paint color match to inspiration items


Monitor Paper Color and Brightness Inline Directly on the Machine

This whitepaper explains how an inline color measurement and control system helps paper mills keep color and brightness in harmony without cutting samples to measure in the lab.


A Scientific Approach to Visual Color Evaluation

This whitepaper explains why standardized lighting is important for visual color evaluation, the primary sources used in a light booth, and how to set up a successful program.


Revolutionize Your Ink Room with a Digital Workflow

This whitepaper outlines an ideal digital workflow to help ink rooms formulate in fewer steps with less waste for a sustainable and cost-effective process.


Color Management in a Plastics Workflow

From inspiration through final product, there are many places where color can go wrong in a plastics workflow.


The Cost of a Brand Color in CPG Packaging

How much does your brand color cost? Download this free X-Rite whitepaper to learn how CPG companies can use digital tools to save time and money.

What Spectrophotometer Type Is Best For You? X-Rite Whitepaper

What Spectrophotometer Type Is Best For You?

Download this whitepaper to learn which type of spectrophotometer is best for you based on the surface you are measuring.


How to Optimize a Traditional Textile Workflow with Digital Color Solutions

Learn how integrating digital color solutions into textile and fabric workflows can help manufacturers keep up with customer trends, maintain costs, and allow for sustainable practices.

A Guide to Understanding Color

A Guide to Understanding Color

Ensuring consistent color through your workflow can be a challenge. Learn how to measure, manage, communicate, and report on color with A Guide to Understanding Color.


Fundamental Guide to Color Process Control

Gain inspiration for the future with our Fundamental Guide to Color Process Control. Discover trends, find your place on the color knowledge continuum, and get ideas on how to build new business prospects.


How to Get Color Right on Brand Packaging

Read this comprehensive guide to learn how you can enhance your Color and Print Quality program to get more consistent color on brand packaging, with less rework and effort.

Free Print Quality Control Whitepaper | X-Rite Color Resources

Why Use Daylight in Your Light Booth

There are many different sources of light. Why should you use daylight in a light booth? Read this white paper to learn everything you need to know about this important light source.

Free Print Quality Control Whitepaper | X-Rite Color Resources

Hybrid Production in the Print Industry

Over the past five years, the printing industry has evolved faster than at any time since Johannes Gutenberg invented movable type. Download this free white paper to learn how to keep up with these changes.


Understanding Color Perception

Color visual evaluation plays an important role in most industries and for all products.

Tolérances : la clé d'une couleur précise

Color Tolerance: The Key to Accurate Color

A color tolerance can ensure consistency and minimize variability. This whitepaper offers tips to select the right color tolerancing method and set a realistic color tolerance.

How to Improve Color in Print | X-Rite Free Whitepaper - wide format printing color control

Six Keys to Color Success in Wide Format Printing

How do providers of wide format signs & display graphics ensure they meet customer color expectations regardless of the substrate, printing technology or ink systems being used? Download our whitepaper to find out.


Which Certification Program Is Right For Your Business?

ISO, G7, PSO, and the Pantone Certified Printer Program... with so many options, which certification program is right for your business? Find out in our free whitepaper.

Hitting A Color Target Isn’t Enough | X-Rite Free Whitepaper

Hitting A Color Target Isn’t Enough!

Investments in current color management instrumentation, processes and procedures are critical to the future success of printing businesses. This whitepaper explains why.


How To Measure Color On Flexible Film

When measuring color on flexible packaging or film, inconsistent or inaccurate measurements can occur if the instrument is positioned on different angles. Read our whitepaper to learn more.


Keep Your Spectrophotometer in Excellent Health

Many different types of errors occur in spectrophotometric measurements, in this whitepaper learn how NetProfiler, a system of software and color standards, can correct these errors.


4 Keys to Implementing a Digital Color Workflow

In this whitepaper, you will discover new tools and techniques for implementing a digitally-enabled workflow, including 4 keys that you won’t want to miss.


Managing Brand Color for G7 Compliance

Download this white paper to learn more about G7 Compliance as well as other tools that brands and their suppliers can use to make compliance easier and more consistent.

Basics of Color Control, Basics of Color Measurement, Basics of Color Management

Back to Basics: Staying on Track with Great Color

Sometimes, getting “Back to the Basics” is the quickest way to get ahead. Highlighting industry best practices, this free whitepaper breaks down the complexity of color management for print and packaging professionals.


5 Reasons to Employ Non-Contact Imaging Spectrophotometry

Learn about the various types of spectrophotometers available in the market, and why non-contact spectrophotometry ensures consistent color in a wide range of industrial applications.

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