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Color Makes a Difference for Life Sciences

The Life Sciences industry continues to evolve at an accelerated pace, exerting pressure on manufacturers to remain compliant while developing innovative products using new production methodologies. Among the numerous advances in medicine over the past decades has been the evolution of color as an essential product and packaging element. Studies show that consumers identify OTC and Pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices by their color. For the Life Sciences industry, this makes accurate packaging color a matter of safety, not just an aesthetic concern.

Brand packaging colors are too valuable to be compromised by weak quality specifications, especially when achievable color standards are so readily available for a wide variety of packaging materials and print production processes.

Customizable solutions from X-Rite Pantone offer Life Science organizations the tools to accurately communicate color throughout manufacturing and packaging print processes. The benefits of a reliable color measurement system are both immediate and long-term.

When packaging converters and brand owners are equipped with the right tools, everyone wins. X-Rite offers a selection of hardware and software solutions to meet a range of process requirements.

Quality Control for Packaging:

As a common practice for regulated industries like Life Sciences, a more stringent quality control process is important. A defined color management process eliminates errors in color and the expense associated with rejections during incoming inspection at the warehouse or factory. X-Rite provides industry-leading quality control hardware and software to ensure color can be easily measured, controlled, and evaluated throughout the workflow and across the globe.

  • ColorCert: Monitors, adjusts, and improves print quality for converters by measuring color data for every press run. The BestMatch feature enables the press operator to know from the first pull up if the proper color is achievable using the ink on press. This feature alone can save hours of wasted press time, scrap, and frustration trying to achieve a color that is not possible.
  • ColorCert Scorecard Server: Provides objective and consistent metrics for converters to share with brand owners. This real-time data can confirm compliance with specifications, speed make-ready time, and often eliminate the need for on-site press checks and approvals. 
  • eXact Standard: Validates the color of CMYK and spot color inks while also leveraging job-based tools with industry color standards to increase press process control and maximize color accuracy within the workflow.
  • Ci64: Evaluates optical brightening agents with a UV option to capture accurate color on uneven and reflective surfaces on a variety of products and packaging types. 
  • PantoneLIVE: A cloud-based repository that unites brands and their workflows with a shared set of digital color standards. It enables brands and printers to exchange color data for jobs, including securely hosted brand spot colors, between any location to guarantee accuracy on printing presses, ink systems, and numerous packaging substrates.

Quality Control for Manufacturing:

For Life Sciences, color development and control is an important part of the manufacturing process. X-Rite solutions can help define, communicate, and audit color to ensure color harmony and reduce rejections between multiple suppliers, plants, and brands.

  • Ci7800: Provides leading inter-instrument agreement to communicate and coordination color-critical values and specifications from formulation through quality control. 
  • Ci64: A versatile sphere spectrophotometer designed to measure smooth and textured surfaces for reliable data collection and statistical process control across shifts, production lines, and manufacturing facilities.
  • Color iQC: A configurable, job-based software solution that utilizes process and material templates with pre-defined standards, tolerances, and settings to help brands, suppliers and manufacturers ensure accurate, consistent color across a global supply chain.

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