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Versatile Solutions to Measure Cosmetic Color Pigments and Powders 

Loose and compact cosmetics are manufactured using cosmetic color pigments and powders to create various applications such as eyeshadow, setting powder, and highlighters. Product success requires color harmony within cosmetic color collections, but controlling color is challenging because powders are difficult to measure and can contaminate the instrument. 

To earn brand loyalty, cosmetics must be on-color, every time. X-Rite’s versatile color measurement and quality control solutions empower cosmetic manufacturers to achieve accurate and consistent color for loose and compact powders. X-Rite tools enable brands to maintain color harmony between products and within cosmetic lines and validate compliance amongst the supply chain to reduce waste and increase efficiency. 

X-Rite solutions enables cosmetic manufacturers to: 

Quality Control for Loose and Compact Powder Cosmetics:

A reliable, easy-to-use quality control program for lipstick and nail polish ensures samples can be properly evaluated and controlled. X-Rite cosmetic color measurement tools capture precise color measurements, even for interference pigments, to consistently measure against a standard and provide a quality audit trail.

  • MetaVue VS3200: A non-contact benchtop spectrophotometer to measure the color of loose and compact powder without contaminating the instrument.

  • Ci64: A handheld spectrophotometer to collect data and control color quality across the development and manufacturing process.

  • Color iQC: Quality control software to communicate color expectations and ensure consistency and accuracy between manufacturers and throughout production.

Formulation for Loose and Compact Powder Cosmetics:

Accurately formulate cosmetic color pigments, meet tight color tolerances with fewer iterations, and achieve an initial color match in less time.

  • Ci7800: Fits with various accessories to measure powders with tight inter-instrument agreement and reliability.

  • Color iMatch: Deliver unrivaled match performance during formulation with enhanced color matching technology.

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