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A Functional Material

Plastic is an inexpensive, versatile, lightweight material that provides value and environmental benefits for maintaining food quality, safety, reducing food waste, among others. However, it cannot be ignored that plastic pollution is negatively impacting our environment and causing concern for many. This is forcing plastics manufacturers and suppliers to reevaluate every aspect of the production cycle to reduce waste and create an environmentally-friendly process using sustainable materials.

To meet these goals in an increasingly competitive marketplace, plastic manufacturers and suppliers must remain nimble, innovative and efficient. Whether working with plastic pellets, extruded plastic, uniquely-shaped bottles, transparent or translucent preforms or plaques, or materials with optical brightening agents, X-Rite’s portfolio of color solutions can be tailored to support each business challenge and budget. 

To deliver precise and repeatable color, X-Rite’s plastics color measurement tools can:

With over 60 years of innovation and proven expertise in color control, X-Rite solutions formulate and control color on even the most complex materials to ensure color harmony throughout all aspects of a plastics workflow.

Our Coverage for Plastics


Meeting strict and complex customer specifications and being the first to submit is what allows Masterbatchers to win the bid. Ensuring consistency and reducing waste are what allow them to be profitable in the marketplace.


From incoming material inspection to shipment, it is crucial for extruders to ensure color is accurate. Precise and reliable color measurement tools for every inspection point and throughout the production line is mission critical to minimizing waste and costs.


From formulation to QC, molders need to ensure the plastic they are working with has accurate color upon receipt of incoming material, during molding and before it’s shipped out. Color measurement tools and software help ensure the necessary color accuracy and precision to ensure minimal wasted material.

From inspiration through final product, there are many places where color can go wrong in a plastics workflow.

Special effect finishes are changing the game for plastics professionals. Learn how to manage new color issues in the production workflow.

Digital color standards help plastics manufacturers set clear color expectations and suppliers achieve color accuracy with less waste for a more sustainable workflow.

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