5x7 Reference Files (2007 - Current)

Download: Monaco IT8 Ref Files, 5x7 Reflective - 2007..2016

Version: 2007..2016

Previous Version:

Release Date: 03/28/2016

File Type: PC - ZIP File, MAC - Mac Disk Image

Download: PC Version   Mac Version

Notes: Click the above links to download reference files for Monaco 5 X 7 reflective IT8 targets beginning with the code MONR2007.

Place the reference files in the appropriate location within your profiling software application folder. The new reference files will now be available to select from within the application.

On occasion a reference file is 'greyed out' in the Monaco software. The steps below will correct this issue.

This issue is caused by reference files that lack the Macintosh File Type and Creator meta-data that allows Mac software to determine what is and isn't an appropriate file.  The files on the X-Rite server are correct, but sometimes reference file will lack the Mac meta-data when downloaded and/or e-mailed via a PC. Sometimes they become corrupted during download even on a Mac. Additionally, files from the Kodak FTP site (for Kodak branded targets) do not always contain this data.

We've had great success using freeware called TextWrangler* to correct this problem. Typically, the user will simply need to open the reference file in TextWrangler and then select "File" > "Save as" and save the file to the "IT8 Targets" folder. 

Word or BBEdit have also worked well for some users. However, Apple's TextEdit will not correct the reference information.

If simply saving the reference file out of TextWrangler or other acceptable program fails to correct the issue, follow these instructions to correct the file:

  • Open the grayed out reference file in the text editing application (preferably TextWrangler).
  • Command + A to select all the text
  • Copy the text.
  • Create a new document and paste the text into the text editing application.
  • Save the file. In order for EZcolor to use the reference file, it will need to be saved to: "<User>/Library/Application Support/X-Rite/IT8 Targets" .
  • The reference file should now be selectable when profiling a printer or scanner.

*TextWrangler can be downloaded at: www.barebones.com

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