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Averaged data from MeasureTool 5 does not load correctly in i1Profiler

What to do if when using averaged measurement data, originally from MeasureTool 5, causes a crash in i1Profiler software. The symptom of this will be all black display of the patches in Measurement Preview.
Averaged data from MT5 do not load correctly in i1Profiler

Symptom: Measurement data, which have been averaged and saved with MeasureTool 5 (within ProfileMaker 5 Software Suite) cannot be loaded correctly in i1Publish (i1Profiler) software. The measurement data are all looking black in the Measurement Preview. When trying to calculate a profile, the i1Profiler software crashes.

Reason: The averaged measurement text file will be saved with a slightly different data description header than used in the single measurement files. This different information cannot be interpreted correctly by i1Profiler.

Workaround: To solve the issue, the averaged measurement text file can easily be modified by hand. Please follow these steps:

- Open one of the original single measurement file using a TEXT Editor
- Open the averaged measurement file in the same TEXT Editor
- Copy the line 'SampleID SAMPLE_NAME CMYK_C CMYK_M CMYK_Y CMYK_K nm380 ... nm730' 
  from single measurement file
  in the averaged measurement file by the copied line from the single measurement file
- Save the modified averaged measurement file. it will now be loaded correctly in i1Publish

Note: The sample above shows a measurement file done and averaged for a CMYK chart. This procedure will also work for measurement files done and averaged for RGB charts.


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