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Automatic Display Control (ADC) - What is it?

Common symptoms include:

Poor results when profiling
Color cast when profiling
LUT error when saving profileADC stands for “Automatic Display Control”.  On some computers this is accomplished using DDC commands while on other computers / displays it is accomplished using other commands that allows ADC to control the display.  Therefore, ADC is a generic term that allows the program to control the display.  

The software tests if ADC is compatible or not on the current system.  If it is not compatible, then the user will be guided through the adjustment process and they must manually make any required adjustments.

If available and working, ADC will adjust the RGB controls on the display.  If they are not available or not responding, ADC will instead set the display to the pre-set color temperature setting that is closest to the desired target (chosen by the customer).  In addition, ADC also controls brightness and contrast.


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