Color iQC-iMatch v9.8.30.2

Name: Color iQC-iMatch

Version: v9.8.30.2

Previous Version: v9.8.20.5

Release Date: November 7, 2018

File Type: PC - Self-extracting Installer

Download File: PC Version


Version 9.8.30 is a maintenance release that includes the following:

Usability / Performance Issues:

  • VS3200 driver modified to support over light / over dark measurements needed for coatings applications.
  • Import from XTF files containing only spectral included data with extended wavelengths did not import data in correct order. This removes an impediment to upgrading X-RiteColor Master users.
  • In Color iMatch, textile corrections did not properly apply substrate, paste, or production correlation factors resulting in no or poor correction results. Textile formulation users can expect improve correction performance.
  • Includes LEDT8G with CIE approved table values.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed crash in the read dialog when triggering handheld measurement on entry before clicking on next.
  • Wildcard search in PantoneLIVE library did not work when searching for a string within the name.
  • For SP6x/96x handhelds set for certain foreign languages the driver did not send the command to set decimal point character to period for data upload to computer.
  • Several fixes to the Remote Output to database feature.
  • Upload of standards/samples from SP6x and XR9x contained a trailing space in standard name so automatic association of samples with the standard did not occur when select all was chosen.

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