Allein die richtigen Tools reichen nicht aus. Für erfolgreiches Farbmanagement müssen sie wissen, wie Sie diese Tools nutzen. Dabei können Ihnen unsere leicht verständlichen Whitepapers zu allgemeinen Farbthemen und mit technischen Tipps für bestimmte Geräte und Workflows helfen. Von einem Farbexperten erfahren Sie, wie Sie Farbmanagement in Ihren Workflow integrieren. Starten Sie Ihre Suche unten.

Keep Your Spectrophotometer in Excellent Health

Many different types of errors occur in spectrophotometric measurements, in this whitepaper learn how NetProfiler, a system of software and color standards, can correct these errors.

4 Keys to Implementing a Digital Color Workflow

In this whitepaper, you will discover new tools and techniques for implementing a digitally-enabled workflow, including 4 keys that you won’t want to miss.

Managing Brand Color for G7 Compliance

Download this white paper to learn more about G7 Compliance as well as other tools that brands and their suppliers can use to make compliance easier and more consistent.

Back to Basics: Staying on Track with Great Color

Quality is key. Is your quality the best it can be? Download this white paper to learn about industry best practices, from the basics through more sophisticated technologies that can set your printing or packaging business apart in a highly competitive marketplace.

5 Reasons to Employ Non-Contact Imaging Spectrophotometry

Learn about the various types of spectrophotometers available in the market, and why non-contact spectrophotometry ensures consistent color in a wide range of industrial applications.

Master Special Effect Finishes

Learn how to measure color, sparkle, and coarseness, with the MA-T family of multi-angle spectrophotometers to create color harmony across the entire workflow.

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