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For 5 Angle Spectral Measurement

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  • Compact, lightweight and easy-to-use
  • Evaluates metallic colors and special effect finishes with five standard measurement angles
  • Fits seamlessly into QC processes with little or no downtime
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MA-5 QC: Actionable Color Measurement Tool for Effect Finishes

Built with quality control managers in mind, the MA-5 QC can identify color defects early in the manufacturing process and avoid unnecessary rework. Featuring strategically placed optics at the tip, it is 60% faster, 50% lighter, and 40% more compact than any other five-angle device on the market. This allows operators to easily position MA-5 QC with one hand and capture more measurements per hour.

2.5 Seconds
Measurement Speed
.18 ΔE*
Inter-Instrument Agreement
.6 kg
Measure Color with Confidence using the MA-5 QC Spectro | X-Rite Products
Measure Color With Confidence

Looking for added repeatability? The MA-5 QC can capture a measurement in less than 2.5 seconds and collect multiple data points for automated jobs. The compact and lightweight design minimizes operator fatigue and enables easy-one handed operation. Indicator lights ensure correct positioning and an automatic optics shutter keeps dust out of the device.

Analyze Color Data Easily with X-Rite MA-5 QC | X-Rite Products
Analyze Data with Ease

The MA-5 QC offers an intuitive touch screen, red and green pass/fail lights for easy tolerancing, and fast data output with one-click reporting. With first-of-its-kind temperature preview, the MA-5 QC can determine whether sample temperature is affecting color data so you can make informed decisions. To charge and connect with a PC, simply set the MA-5 QC into the convenient docking station.

Software Compatible
Software Compatible

Connect with EFX QC, X-Rite legacy software, and 3rd party software using MA94 emulation mode.

Intuitive User Interface
Intuitive User Interface

Touch screen displays all five angles to view comprehensive data with one glance.

temperature humidity sensors
Sample Temperature Sensor

Identifies if the temperature of a sample could affect color data.

Quality Control

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