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Accelerate Speed to Market

The textile industry is one of the most complex, challenging, and competitive markets in present day. While trying to keep up with consumer apparel trends like fast fashion and stay relevant with first-to-market color trends, textile brands and suppliers must also contend with increasing consumer demands for sustainability, governmental concerns for the environment, and – most recently – global pandemics that slow or halt the entire textile supply chain. The need to continually optimize and stay ahead of technology and process improvements has never been more critical.

To stay competitive in the global market and manage sustainability initiatives, textile manufacturers must produce colors quickly, accurately and with little waste. X-Rite offers complete solutions to help streamline the color development process, efficiently formulate dyes, and control color across a global production supply chain of dyeing, finishing and assembly partners.

X-Rite and Pantone solutions for textile color measurement can help digitize many aspects of a color program to achieve accurate color and reduce a global footprint:

With over 60 years of innovation and proven expertise in color control, X-Rite solutions help ensure design and color intent are carried through from concept to store, accurately and efficiently.

Apparel Brands

Transform your apparel color workflow by digitizing color communication, accurately virtualizing color and appearance characteristics, and integrating industry-leading color measurement and production solutions that the entire supply chain can easily adopt. 

Learn how colorists can utilize digital tools to help expedite the color approval process, speeding time to market and reducing their global footprint.

Learn how integrating digital color solutions into textile and fabric workflows can help manufacturers keep up with customer trends, maintain costs, and allow for sustainable practices.

Learn how an X-Rite inline color control solution helps carpet manufacturers measure consistent color quality from left to right and beginning to end of each roll throughout production.

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