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For Creating Virtual Materials and File Formats

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  • Browse, view and edit virtual materials in real time
  • Use existing digital spectral data from MA-T12 or Ci7000 series color libraries
  • Connect digital material capture sources with output destinations

Simply Manage Complex Color & Appearance Data

Looking to go beyond color to capture the full material appearance? The PANTORA desktop application is designed to simplify the management of a large volume of complex color and appearance data. PANTORA acts as the epicenter of appearance workflows, connecting digital material input sources with output destinations such as third-party 3D rendering software and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Systems.

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Be First to Market With Innovative Materials

From paints to plastics to metals and fabrics and meshes, PANTORA is redefining digital material specifications. By connecting PANTORA to X-Rite's innovative products, it can now quickly create virtual samples for nearly any material type. The Material Browser locates, acquires, and imports digital materials as AxF files and accounts for appearance attributes such as color, gloss, and texture.

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Communicate Material Data Anywhere in the World Without Shipping Physical Samples

PANTORA stores digital materials in AxF and enables users to manage, view, and edit from a centralized location. Material suppliers can easily create and offer large digital libraries using the new Variant Editor functionality to combine sample attributes. By connecting the digital material with output destinations it ensures an efficient and convenient repository, making it fast and easy to edit material specifications digitally.

Digitize Entire Appearance of Paints with MA-T12

Streamlines measurement capabilities to visualize textured samples like flake texture and color flop.

Capture Transmission and Reflection with Ci7000 Series

Captures transmission of color on translucent materials and reflection color on highly spectral materials.

Simplify Texture Measurements for Textiles with MetaVue VS3200

Facilitates multi-spectral texture measurements at the pixel level on leathers, laminates, and textiles.

Quality Control

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