Model #: aqc-qc

EFX QC Software

For Quality Control of Effect Finishes

Set and digitally communicate tolerances and measurement procedures for effect finishes and enable real-time monitoring of color harmony across the supply chain with EFX QC software.

More Precisely Define and Control Effect Finishes

Color is a decisive buying factor when it comes to the purchase of new products – from cars, to consumer electronics and household appliances. Consistency of color across different components of a product strongly influences a customer’s perception of quality. In today’s competitive marketplace, manufacturers in the automotive, plastics, coatings and cosmetics industries are increasingly using effect finishes to differentiate themselves.

Combine EFX QC with X-Rite’s MA-5 QC, MA-T6, and MA-T12 multi-angle spectrophotometers and simplify the process of defining, communicating and ensuring conformance with standards and measurement procedures for color, sparkle and coarseness across distributed supply chains. The new visual tools, including performance trend charts and stored images of specific measurements, enable real-time performance monitoring and provide actionable insights that speed up the process of troubleshooting out-of-tolerance product.


  • Delivers breakthrough digitization and establishment of tolerances for extreme effect finishes relevant to color, sparkle, and coarseness when used with MA-T6 and MA-T12.
  • Enables quick adjustments to improve operating efficiencies with real-time monitoring of color harmony across the supply chain.
  • Ensures quick analysis and resolution for non-compliant products with new visual tools, including side-by-side part comparisons.
  • Incorporates reusable digital assets, such as standards, tolerances, jobs and more, as well as job templates and standardized procedures that make measurement and data analysis easier and more intuitive.
  • Facilitates communication of specifications across the entire workflow using optional job and template driven workflows.

X-Rite Pantone has a long history of leadership in the art and science of color as well as involvement with standards bodies. EFX QC is a breakthrough  software solution that provides professionals in a variety of industries with innovative tools to measure, monitor and manage effect finishes for even the most sophisticated materials


Color Differences dE2000, dE94, CIE99, dE CMC, dE*, CIELabCh, Sparkle Grade, Color Variation, Coarsenss
Color Spaces CIELab, CIELCh
Databases SQLite, MS SQL Server
Illuminants D50, D55, D65, D75, A, C, F2, F7, F10, F11, F12
Import/Export Format CxF, MIF, NUX
Languages Supported English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
Measurement Conditions Multiangle Reflectance, Image Capture
Mobile Device Compatibility No
Observers 2 degree, 10 degree
Standard Indices DIN 6175-2-GM
Supported Devices MA94, MA96, MA98, MA-T12, MA-T6
User Experience Configurable

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