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Color Formulation Software

Formulating colors can be a lengthy and tedious process – especially if you are still doing it manually. With formulation software, you can optimize this process significantly – reducing the number of iterations to get an initial color match, and reducing the amount of correction steps needed. 

Color iMatch for Formulating Plastics, Coatings and Textiles

Color iMatch

For Formulating Plastics, Coatings and Textiles

With Color iMatch formulation and quality control software, color matchers can accelerate color development through better first match performance and fewer correction steps.

InkFormulation Software for Formulating Inks

InkFormulation Software

For Formulating Inks

InkFormulation Software is a fast, accurate, consistent ink formulation, formula creation, storage, approval and retrieval solution for offset, flexo, gravure and screen-printing inks.

ColorDesigner PLUS for Formulating Retail Paint at Point-of-Sale

ColorDesigner PLUS

For Formulating Retail Paint at Point-of-Sale

ColorDesigner PLUS color matching software is customer- and retailer-friendly, producing expert results in a flexible, adaptable workflow that can be configured for individual needs.

NetProfiler Software for Device Optimization

NetProfiler Software

For Device Optimization

A blend of cloud database, client software and calibrated color standards that makes it easy to validate and optimize instrument performance, identify instruments in need of service, and reduce variation between devices.

Auto Search and Correct for Special Effect Paints

Auto Search and Correct

For Special Effect Paints

Auto Search and Correct Web software builds on the success of X-Rite’s desktop application, enabling refinish paint companies to quickly and easily obtain automotive paint formulas for solid and effect colors.

Better matches. Fewer corrections. Less steps. Achieve color formulation nirvana with the latest release of Color iMatch.

Pick, prep, measure and match. Learn how you can formulate on-spec color in just a few easy steps.

Register for this webinar to learn how the Assortment Editor can help improve prediction performance and improve overall formulation success.

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