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Model #: 2400

ColorDesigner PLUS

For Formulating Retail Paint at Point-of-Sale

ColorDesigner PLUS color matching software is customer- and retailer-friendly, producing expert results in a flexible, adaptable workflow that can be configured for individual needs.

Match Paint Colors Fast!

In retail paint, customer service is key, and the faster and more accurately you can match customer paint samples, the more likely they will be to return in the future. Combine ColorDesigner PLUS with the X-Rite MetaVue, Ci4100 or Ci61 handheld instrument and advice from X-Rite retail paint experts, and your paint department will stand out from the competition.

X-Rite's ColorDesigner® PLUS color matching software expedites and refines the paint selection process, eliminating wasted effort and needless formulation errors. It has the ability to connect to a paint dispenser system for fast delivery of paint color formulations, mix the customer’s color in the paint product they want and an option to look up colors across paint lines. With one efficient package, the paint department becomes a color design center.


  • ColorDesigner PLUS is tailored to the needs of the retail paint environment, part of a complete customized color solution.
  • Capture and save details about customer paint orders for future reference
  • Automatic update capability means that ColorDesigner PLUS is up to date throughout the entire store network with no additional effort, disks to store or file downloads to bother with.
  • Directly manage and control dispensers from a single easy-to-use and affordable software system, eliminating the need for a second computer and application and optimizing counter space
  • Improved Color Lookup makes it easier to distinguish your own colors from competitors’ colors. 

Extensive training is not required to use ColorDesigner PLUS. The software can be set up to work best with individuals based on their level of knowledge. In addition, ColorDesigner PLUS allows for the creation of custom databases and color palettes that ease the specifying process and provide staff with time to focus on the sale of complementary accessories.


Measurement Conditions Reflectance
Color Differences DECMC
Illuminants D65, A, F7
Observers 10
Package Dimensions (length, width, height) 8" L x 5" W x 1" H
Shipped Weight 1 pound
3rd Party Software Supported
ColorPro (Fluid Management)
PrismaPro (FAST&Fluid Management)
Tintwise (Hero)
DSP (Dromont)
Configuration Options Lookup, Search, Match
Databases Microsoft SQL Server
Experience Level Beginner or Advanced
Import/Export Format Export formulas for dispenser software
Languages Supported Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Supported Devices 552, 962, 964, CF57, CFS57, Ci4100, Ci4200, Ci51, Ci52, Ci61, Ci62, Ci64, RM400, RM425, RM61, SP52, SP62, SP64, VS205, VS450, VS3100, VS3200
User Experience Novice Mode and Expert Mode
Sample Preview On-screen color representation
What's Included? CD PLUS software and Installation Guide
Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 and 64 bit)
Available Disk Space 4 GB free
Connectivity Ports for spectro, printer, dispenser, keyboard, mouse, barcode scanner
Display Resolution 1024x768 minimum
Internet Connection Recommended
Memory 4 GB minimum
Number of Displays Supported per Workstation One
Optical Drive Not Required
Processor Pentium G850 dual core or higher recommended
Security Admin rights required to install
Video Card No special requirements

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