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ColorCert Desktop Tools

For Quality Control in Print & Packaging

ColorCert Desktop Tools are modular solutions enabling accurate creation of color specifications and process control at multiple points throughout the packaging workflow.

Process Control for Packaging Workflows

Todays’ complex packaging workflows require specialized tools to ensure accurate, repeatable color, from job to job across the plant or around the globe. As the range of inks, printing technologies and substrates has expanded, so has the complexity of maintaining color and print quality across various shifts and sites. Printers and packaging converters must ensure color is right the first time, right every time, in order to gain and retain customers in an increasingly competitive environment.

ColorCert Desktop Tools are software modules that help printers and converters meet this challenge. Each is focused on specific elements of the workflow, from prepress and proofing, to the ink room and on press process control. ColorCert Desktop Tools allow:

  • Creation of print specifications.
  • Measurement and certification of proofs.
  • Print process control on-press, in real-time.
  • Ink room quality assurance and direct connectivity with InkFormulation Software, sending measurements taken on press to the ink room for evaluation and reformulation.


  • The ColorCert Suite was purpose built for the packaging industry to enable definition of specifications to fit the needs of the packaging workflow, from spot color and CMYK to CMYK/OGV. It utilizes specialty packaging metrics such as ink strength, white ink opacity, and colorimetric dot gain to align metrics with common packaging practices.
  • ColorCert Desktop Tools make it easy for both prepress and the pressroom to use the same ICC and CGATS profiles, align their efforts to the same expectation. They also connect process control with the ink room, sending press measurements directly to InkFormulation Software for reformulation as needed.
  • ColorCert Desktop Tools can also integrate with inline/near line measurement systems such as ITX and BST IPQ Spectral, providing for greater flexibility within your workflow.
  • ColorCert Desktop Tools can retrieve information directly from MIS and other systems, as well as parse PDF metadata, for a streamlined, efficient job set-up and monitoring process.
  • ColorCert Desktop tools allows converters to provide their brand owner customers with real-time ColorCert Scorecard data that confirms compliance with brand owner specifications including G7 and PSO guidelines, speeding approval processes and often eliminating the need for expensive and time consuming on-site press checks.

ColorCert Desktop Tools Include:

  • ColorCert Inkroom: Used to evaluate color quality of inks based on jobs created in ColorCert Manager or self-created color standard definitions. Supports file formats such as ColorCert Libraries, CxF and MIF, ICC Profiles, CGATS, and PantoneLIVE. Available in Basic and Advanced.
  • ColorCert Pressroom: Used at press-side for process control. Load ColorCert Jobs or quickly set up new jobs based on templates created in ColorCert Manager using the Job Setup wizard. Includes Inkroom Tools Basic to load ColorCert jobs, make quick checks and generate reports on individual ink colors. Its easy-to-use interface highlights areas that require attention, while providing guidance as to necessary corrective actions. This allows press operators to spend less time troubleshooting and more time maintaining and monitoring the press run.
  • ColorCert Manager: The complete set of ColorCert Desktop Tools. ColorCert Manager is primarily used to develop ColorCert Jobs and maintain ColorCert Assets. Software modules include PressRoom Tools, Proofing Tools, Inkroom Tools Advanced, and ColorCert Editors.
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Android No
Apple iOS No
Available Disk Space 1GB
Color Differences CIE DL*, Da*, Db*, CIE DL*, DC*, DH*, DECMC (L:C), DE94, DE2000 (L:C:h), DE Density, DE Strength, DE wCh, DE wL
Color Spaces CIE L*a*b*, CIE L*C*h*(ab), CIE Luv, CIE L*C*h*(uv), CIE XYZ, CIE xyY
Compatible Android Devices None
Compatible Software Supporting DNG Profiles N/A
Compatible iOS Devices None
Configuration Options Inkroom Tools, Pressroom Essentials, Pressroom, Manager
Connectivity USB-Port, Bluetooth
Databases MIS
Display Resolution 1400 x 900 (Minimum)
Experience Level Beginner to Advanced
Illuminants A, B, C, D50, D55, D65, D75, F2, F7, F11
Import/Export Format CxF, CGATS
Ink Wells / Ink Units 12 (Maximum)
Internet Connection Yes, for Repository Server, Scorecard Server, and PantoneLIVE
Languages Supported English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Finnish, Czech
Macintosh Mac OS X 10.10, Mac OS X 10.11, and Mac OS X 10.12
Measurement Conditions Reflectance, SCI / SCE, M0, M1, M2, M3
Memory 2GB
Mobile Device Compatibility No
NetProfiler Support Yes
Number of Displays Supported per Workstation 1
Observers 2 degree, 10 degree
Optical Drive No
PantoneLIVE Support Yes
Pass / Fail Yes
Processor Core 2 Duo, 2 GHz
Sample Preview Yes
Scanner Target Support N/A
Security Web file + Install Only
Software Modes N/A
Standard Indices CIE Whiteness, Opacity (%)
Supported Devices eXact, 530, 939, SP62/SP64, Ci5x/Ci6x, SpectroEye
Supported Profile Format ICC, CGATS
User Experience Configurable
Video Card N/A
What's Included? Installation Instructions, Licensing Dongle
Windows Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10

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