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Top 2021 Blogs and Learning Resources

Posted December 21, 2021 by X-Rite Color

Each year we enjoy looking back to see what our customers enjoyed reading. Here are our top blogs and learning resources from 2021.

Top Blogs of 2021

Some of these blogs make the top 10 list every year. Do any interest you?

Color Perception Part 1: The Effect of Light


 This first blog in a 3-part series offers a non-technical explanation to the way we perceive color, and the role of light in color perception.


Image of Color Perception Part 1: The Effect of Light


How to Calibrate your Monitor in 10 Steps


 Are you wasting time, paper, and ink re-printing images because the color isn’t right? The problem might be your monitor. Learn how to calibrate and profile for accurate on-screen color.


 top blog calibrate your monitor


Additive vs. Subtractive Color Models


 To understand how color management works, you need a basic knowledge of the additive and subtractive systems of color reproduction.

top blog additive vs subtractive


Tolerancing Part 3: Color Space vs. Color Tolerance


 This third blog in our tolerancing series explains the difference between a color space and a color tolerance and introduces the most common methods.



What is Metamerism?


 Have you ever walked out of the house wearing two black socks, only to arrive at work and realize one of them is navy blue? Learn why that happens in this blog.

 Image of What is Metamerism


Understanding Illuminance, Luminance and Brightness


 If you browse inspiration photos online, send color samples back and forth via e-mail, or transfer color files, you need to know the difference between these three terms.

 luminance vs brightness blog monitor calibration


Colorimeter vs. Spectrophotometer


 There are two main types of color measurement instruments. Learn the similarities and differences between them.

 top blog colorimeter vs spectrophotometer


What is the Subtractive, or CMYK, Color Model?


 Learn the basics of this color model and find resources to learn more about printing and how to overcome challenges.

 Image of What is the Subtractive, or CMYK, Color Model?


Top Learning Resources of 2021

Our most popular resources, all in one location! Download your free copies today.


A Guide to Understanding Color


 Whether you are a novice or an expert in the art and science of color, you will find useful information to ensure that color plays a positive role in the success of your products.


The Fundamental Guide to Color Process Control

 Developed by Packaging Color Experts, this 82-page Fundamental Guide to Color Process Control will teach you how to recognize unprofitable activity, implement the right tools to enhance productivity, and create a business case for enhanced color technology.


Color Tolerance: The Key to Accurate Color | Whitepaper


 Disagreeing about color? The problem might be your tolerancing method. Download this whitepaper to learn how to set a realistic color tolerance and evaluate color quality.


Calibration and Profiling Series | On-Demand Webinar

 Join us for a free, four-part webinar series to learn about tools to calibrate and profile your devices so you can achieve consistent color on a variety of substrates.


Appearance Exchange Format (AxF) | Whitepaper

 Learn more about this standard way to digitally store and share a material’s appearance across PLM, CAD and rendering applications.


Successful Color Management of Papers with Optical Brighteners | Whitepaper

Learn about effective new tools to accurately gauge how the addition of Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs) and Fluorescing agents to papers and inks will affect finished printed products.


What Type of Spectrophotometer is Right for You? | Whitepaper

The right spectrophotometer depends on your product mix and customer requirements. Download this free whitepaper to learn which measurement geometry can help you deliver color accuracy on any surface.


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