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PantoneLIVE Production

For Plastic, Coatings, & Textile


PantoneLIVE Production – Plastic, Coatings and Textile libraries gives color specifiers and manufacturers’ instant access to the most up to date Pantone colors for Plastic, Coatings and Textile applications in a digital format to ensure design intent is achieved, and color is produced quickly and accurately.

PantoneLIVE Production – Plastic, Coatings and Textile

This unique, cloud-based database consists of tested spectral color values and brand palettes tuned to the needs of the plastics, textile and coatings applications, which makes it easy for stakeholders to access color palettes during every step of the process – inspiration, creation, development, production and reproduction.


  • Save time and money spent on shipping samples back and forth from the color department to the specifier or manufacturer with real-time digital color communication.
  • Achieve faster time to market with reduced back and forth between departments, and rework required to get color right.
  • Access the latest Pantone colors as they are released to ensure exact color data communication.
Pantone Plastic Color Guides       Use these tools for palette development, color communication and as a reference guide when producing plastic products. These chips can be used on any product made of colored plastic, including beauty, food & beverage, consumer electronics, fashion accessories, hard home, toys, and more.
Pantone Fashion/Textile Guides       Use these tools for palette development, color communication and as a reference guide when producing textiles.
New To Color Measurement?

Learn the benefits of measuring, managing, communicating, and reporting on color by reading our customer-favorite whitepaper: A Guide to Understanding Color.


Digital Color Library Access This license provides access to the digital Pantone color standards in the PantoneLIVE cloud for the following materials: Plastic, Paints & Coatings, Cotton, and Nylon.
Internet Connection Yes, for cloud synchronization

News and Events


Quality Control Webinar Series #5: Improve QC by Problem Solving

Join us for this free webinar to learn how to problem solve issues in your color quality control workflow so you can work effectively and efficiently.

Quality Control Webinar Series #3: Using Digital Standards

Join us for this free webinar to will learn how digital standards can streamline color quality control and reduce the time you waste correcting color issues.


Digitize and communicate colors and materials in the fashion workflow

X-Rite Pantone invites you to participate in a special event organized in collaboration with ColorDigital to let you discover which technologies and software are for digitizing data relating to color and surface appearance.

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