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Adding PantoneLIVE™ login info to ColorCert

Customer needs to login to PantoneLIVE™ in ColorCertBefore using PantoneLIVE dependent libraries within ColorCert software, you must first log into PantoneLIVE to access the libraries. To do so follow the steps below: If you do not have the PantoneLIVE™ option in your menu bar, you will need activate PantoneLIVE in your preferences, to do so: Please note that as of ColorCert version 3.5, PantoneLIVE Master libraries are included without a PantoneLIVE license. To use these master libraries you simply need to activate PantoneLIVE in the preferences as shown above. The use of PantoneLIVE dependent libraries does require the use of a PantoneLIVE subscription license.

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