Prepare Ink Correctly with InkFormulation Software 


Problems with ink? If incoming materials are faulty or accurate formulations are not achieved, the entire color quality assurance process suffers. InkFormulation Software is part of an end-to-end color workflow that gives ink suppliers, printers and packaging converters flexibility and control over recipes and assortments, simplifies definition of the right ink film thickness and helps reduce hazardous waste and reduce leftover inks and press returns.


Without InkFormulation Software, formulation processes are complex and time-consuming, requiring special colorist talent and a lot of luck. With InkFormulation’s MIS/ERP integration, you can more accurately quote ink costs on jobs and benefit from better tracking of actual ink usage. Linking InkFormulation Software with quality control/statistical process control solutions such as ColorCert and Color iQC can improve overall quality and efficiency.


Join Us to Learn How To:

  • Formulate inks for accurate color, taking the substrate color into account
  • Save significant time in reformulation of inks by using existing assortments and recipes
  • Substantially reduce material waste for fast ROI
  • Connect with quality control software and brand programs

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