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Achieve Automated Color Control on a Sheet-Fed Press with X-Rite Pro Scanning Solutions

Do you want to improve your quality control program, shorten make-ready time, save material waste, and automate your ink key adjustments? The IntelliTrax2 Pro and eXact Auto-Scan Pro deliver a powerful automated workflow that provide offset press operators with performance visibility and real-time guidance on how to achieve the desired colors quickly.

When combined with a closed loop solution for automated ink key adjustments, the Pro Scanning Solution can reduce your make-ready time by more than 40%. If you would like to be a part of the packing supply chain or you plan to improve the color communication within a single production site, direct connectivity to the Scorecard Server will save operator time.  

You Will Learn How To: 

  • Cut make-ready
  • Reduce errors and standardize your color workflow
  • Idealliance® G7® process control guidelines and PSO and ISO print specifications.
  • Substantially reduce material waste for fast ROI
  • Comply with G7 process control to get the tightest consistency
  • Support brand work with heads-up scoring

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IntelliTrax2 Pro

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eXact Auto-Scan Pro

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ColorCert Desktop Tools

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