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With so many requests for innovative bases, transparency, and special effects, formulating color for paint, coating, and plastic applications can be a challenge. To keep up, formulation software needs to be innovative, too. We recently launched version 10 of our Color iMatch formulation software, and it is our smartest version yet. It allows you to select cost-reducing parameters, such as lowest cost or fewest colorants, and will determine the best formula for your application. It work...

Posted July 10, 2019 by Rich Knapp

It’s expensive to ship the wrong color. To make it right, you need to bring it back to the lab for reformulation, send someone to re-tint at the customer site, or dispose of it and start over. In addition to the expense of wasted time and materials, how do you quantify the loss of an unhappy customer? Five Steps to Efficient Formulation  With the right tools and processes, you can work fast and achieve precise matches.  1. Formulate Against an Accurate Standard. First, you ...

Posted May 29, 2019 by Rich Knapp

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