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Popular Color Blogs

Browse our popular blogs about specifying & producing color, color measurement instruments, color perception & visualization, and color solutions for industrial/ print & packaging applications. 

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Specifying & Producing Color

To produce accurate color, you need to set clear standards and expectations. Browse our top blogs about color specification and production to learn about the common color models and the color characteristics to specify color. 


Learn about the L*a*b* color space and how it helps us locate, represent, and communicate specific colors.

To effectively manage color, you need to know the difference between additive and subtractive color models. Learn about additive/substractive color mixing!

When you’re describing a color, it’s important to use hue, chroma, and value to accurately identify the color and distinguish it from others.

Color Measurement Instruments

There are many color measurement devices on the market today. Browse our top color measurement instrument blogs to learn about the most popular types & geometries and when it is appropriate to use each.

Colorimeters and spectrophotometers are used in just about every industry where color is important. Learn which type of device is right for you.

Color measurement devices are either colorimeters or spectrophotometers, and there are hundreds of options for measuring color on every type of surface.

Is SPIN or SPEX best for gloss measurement? Learn how a sphere spectrophotometer can include or exclude the specular component of surface appearance.

Color Perception & Visualization

The way we perceive and visualize color is more complicated than you may think. Browse our popular blogs about color perception to learn what variables can impact your color control program.

Learn about the various factors related to light and the way it affects how we perceive color.

What is metamerism? Understanding metamerism, why it happens, and how to prevent it can save time, money, and product rejects for manufacturers. Learn more!

The color we perceive is based on the light reflecting off an object. Learn more about visual evaluation in part two of the X-Rite Color Detective.

Managing Color for Industrial Applications

There are many variables involved in achieving accurate color in industrial applications. Check out our top industrial blogs to learn how color communication, measurement, and control happen in those applications. 

Whether you’re thinking of entering the digital print market or trying to figure out what you need to do to compete, this blog offers important information for you.

Color is emotional, so it's an imperative component to architectural design. Read our blog to learn why color control is so important for building material manufacturers.

Consumers love optical brightening agents because they make whites look whiter, however they can cause problems for manufacturers who must control color.

Managing Color for Print and Packaging

To print accurate color, you need to work on calibrated devices. Learn the impact of substrate, ink, and printing process and how to control color from input to final print by reading our top print & packaging blogs. 


Prints don't match your on-screen proof? We'll show you how to calibrate your monitor and printer to help you make good editing decisions. Learn more!

A color-managed workflow gives print and packaging professionals the confidence to send a file to print... knowing the colors are true. Learn more.

Some colors are hard to reproduce with just CMYK. Learn more about CMYK inks and how to extend the life of your gamut and save ink. Read more!

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