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Model # nghxr

eXact Standard

Spectro for use on Paper & Paperboard

  • Measures CMYK and spot color inks for print and packaging applications
  • Job-based with latest industry standards, including G7, ISO, PSO, and Japan Color
  • Measures M1 for accurate control of neon inks
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Setting the Standard for Color Measurement

Specifically designed for printers and packaging converters, the eXact Standard is the market leading spectrophotometer to validate the color of CMYK and spot color inks. It leverages job-based tools with industry color standards to increase press process control and connects with PantoneLIVE and NetProfiler to maximize color accuracy within the workflow.

0.25 ΔEab
Inter-Instrument Agreement
<1 sec
Measurement Time
Device Geometry
eXact Standard
Streamline Jobs on Press with Print Standard Support

The eXact Standard doesn't just provide density metrics and colorimetric value functions, it also supports all industry print standards: G7, ISO, PSO, and Japan Color. Plus, the BestMatch feature offers guidance to help you achieve a closer match to a specific color standard by adjusting ink on press.

eXact Family
Best in Spot Color Support

The eXact Standard offers the ability to create and manage standards and color libraries directly from the device for enhanced spot color handling. It also delivers direct and seamless access to the latest Pantone libraries and PantoneLIVE standards with an optional license.

Enhanced Measurement Speed

Simultaneously measures four M conditions (M0/M1/M2/M3) in less than one second in spot mode

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Spot Color Support

Provides enhanced spot color handling by allowing creation and management of standards and color libraries to be located on the device

Protected, Automated White Tile Calibration

Protects the instrument from pressroom dust at all times

Here's how the eXact Standard fits into your workflow
Quality Control

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