i1Publish Pro 2

Take PrePress and Pre-Media departments to the next level with increased color accuracy.

The NEW i1Pro 2 Solutions:

  • Professional color management solution for the utmost in color accuracy.
  • Increased color quality and process stability across both offset and digital.
  • Provides real-time user feedback to ensure accurate measurement.
  • Self check tools adjust and correct minor shifts on proofs.

Did you know …The more you profile the more data you have and the more accurate and fine tuned your color workflow will be.

Optimize CMYK files with Device Link

With device link profiling, your can optimize CMYK files across various devices, preserving the black channel and inks. When it’s time to re-purpose multiple CMYK files device link provides optimal color reliably.

Support for ISO Standards

Ensuring compliance with industry standards is absolutely critical to accurate color management. The i1Pro 2 solutions is ISO-compliant, and now includes compliance with all of the M-Standards.

Learn more on M-Standards and how they affect color decision.


Consistency and Productivity with Automation

i1iO adds automated, hands-free test charts providing increase repeatability.

i1iO: Extend the Power of your i1Pro 2 with Automation

i1iO adds automated hands-free test chart reading capabilities to the i1Pro 2 device for substrates up to 10 mm — from polybag material to ceramics and textiles. Simply plug in your i1Pro 2, align the test chart, and the scanning table does the rest.

With the iSiS provides speed, accuracy and handling by reading test targets quickly.

i1iSis: Save Time and Labor in Production Environments

In production environments, measuring color test charts to ensure that color management profiles are up to date can be labor intensive and time consuming. The i1iSis automated chart reader sets a new standard for speed, accuracy and handling. It reads thousands of patches in less than 10 minutes, ensuring the most accurate measurements and profiles.


Ease of Use

New LED status and scanning guides along with built-in self-check software make it even easier for premedia professionals to create and maintain profiles.

Data Reporting

Quality assurance analysis allows for accurate measuring and tracking from soft proof to print or electronic output and reports on monitor and printer behaviour over time.

Adjust for Variations in Paper

When optical brighteners are added for a brighter image, they create varying measurement results. Broader support of measurement conditions enables you to work to today’s ISO standards with confidence.


i1Basic Pro 2

i1Photo Pro 2

i1Publish Pro 2

i1Publish Upgrade


i1Pro 2 Spectrophotometer • • •
i1iO (Optional Automation Table) • • •  


Cameras • • •
Displays • • • •
iOS Mobile Devices • • •
Projectors • • • •
Scanners • • • •
RGB Photo Printers • • •
CMYK+ Printers   • •


Display Performance Tracking • • • •
Print Industry Standards QA • • • •
PANTONE™ Color Manager • • • •
Device Link Profiling (i1Pro 2 Only)     • •


ColorChecker Classic (mini) • • •
ColorChecker Proof • • •


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