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Join us for a free, four-part webinar series to learn about tools to calibrate and profile your devices so you can achieve consistent color on a variety of substrates.

Webinar #3:  Managing Unique Substrates and Backlit Materials

As digital printing continues to grow, many printmakers are moving beyond traditional media to create artwork on substrates like wood, acrylic, textiles, and backlit materials. While the results can be beautiful, achieving exceptional print quality on these materials can be challenging. 

You Will Learn:

  • The impact of instrument aperture size when measuring paper, fabric, and other materials
  • How to profile different materials for backlit, including vinyl, fabric, plastic, and glass
  • Unique characteristics of different materials and how they impact perception and measurements
  • The role of measurement illumination

Additional Webinars in Our Calibration & Profiling Series

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