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Model # koh6-qc


For 6 Angle Spectral & Texture Measurement

  • Measures effect materials with 6 angles of measurement
  • Verifies color, sparkle, and coarseness with on-board digital camera
  • Minimizes risk of measuring sample defects with live preview
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MA-T6: Characterize Effect Finishes

With 6 angles of measurement, the MA-T6 can measure against rigorous standards for effect finishes and ensure conformance with tight tolerances. Precise readings of colored sparkle and coarseness taken with MA-T6 are repeatable and reproducible, minimizing waste and re-work across the production process.

0.18 ΔE2000
Inter-Instrument Agreement
6 Angles
Measurement of Interference Pigments
10 Years
Lamp Life
Measure and Control Colored Sparkle and Coarseness with MAT-6 | X-Rite
Measure and Control Colored Sparkle and Coarseness

Measuring color alone is not sufficient to completely characterize effect finishes. With an on-board digital camera, the MA-T6 is able to quickly and accurately evaluate and verify color, sparkle, and coarseness characteristics of effect finishes. When paired with EFX QC software, this 6 angle device can ensure consistency across adjacent parts and distributed supply chains.

MAT-6 Sphere Spectro | Portable Spectro with Intuitive Interface
Intuitive Interface

Get up and running fast with the MA-T6, which offers modern touch screen navigation and live camera measurement previews. A centrally located aperture and positioning pins ensure stable measurement and increase measurement efficiency. Live feedback and pass/fail indication on screen reduce the learning curve and make the MA-T6 simple and intuitive to use.

Improve Conformance | X-Rite
Improve Conformance

Set and digitally communicate global tolerances within complex supply chains.

Internal Calibration | X-Rite
Automatic Internal Calibration

Improves measurement accuracy and reduces need for external calibration to once per month.

Measure Color of Effect Materials | X-Rite Multi-Angle Measurement
Characterize Effect Materials

Appropriate for a variety of industries, including automotive, paints, plastics, and cosmetics.

Quality Control

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